Free Laser Cut Wooden Gazelle Head 3D Wall Art Design

Add a touch of natural beauty to your home or office with this stunning wooden gazelle head wall art design. Available for free download from our page, this laser cut animal head model is the perfect addition to any living space.

Featuring 43 2D pieces that are expertly cut by laser cutters, the template for this design is available in DXF, SVG, and CDR files. Once the pieces are cut and assembled, you will have a beautiful wooden 3D gazelle head sculpture that is sure to impress.

To create this design, it is recommended that you use wooden, plywood, or MDF plates with a thickness of 6mm. If you plan to use this sculpture outdoors, applying varnish is crucial to protect it from external factors such as water, moisture, and sunlight, ensuring the longevity of the model.

Our team has created three different laser cutting files in DXF, CDR, and SVG formats, suitable for use with CNC-based Co2 laser cutting machines. These files are perfect for bringing this aesthetic animal to life and starting your laser cutting project.

Upgrade your living space with this unique and stylish piece that is sure to catch the eye of all who see it. Download and obtain these three different files for free today and begin creating your own wooden gazelle head wall art design.

File Type: DXF, CDR, SVG
Category: CNC Laser Cut Files
Tag: Laser Cut 3D Model Templates
Features: Laser Cut File, CAD File, Vector File,  Laser Cut Drawing
Software: AutoCAD, Adobe illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape
Uploaded by: Anderson Jimenez
Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Design Code: 30227-60L