Last Updated: 25/03/2023


TemplatesArea is a leading platform that offers free vector, template and 3D project files to individuals and professionals. Our goal is to foster creativity and provide resources for the community, by the community. The design files available on our website are either created by our users or sourced from free design resources across the internet. While we encourage you to download and utilize these designs for personal use, commercial usage is subject to specific conditions outlined in this License Agreement.

Personal Use

By using TemplatesArea, you are granted permission to download and utilize the design files for personal projects, such as home decoration, personal gifts, or non-profit activities. However, this permission does not extend to commercial use or any other purpose that could generate revenue, either directly or indirectly.

Commercial Use and Licensing

To use any design files from TemplatesArea for commercial purposes, you must first obtain permission from the original author who uploaded the design. This includes, but is not limited to, using the designs for business promotion, product packaging, or selling the designs as part of a product or service. Please note that TemplatesArea does not provide any contact information or additional licensing details for the authors. It is your responsibility to secure the appropriate permissions and licenses for commercial use.

Copyright and International Laws

All works published on TemplatesArea are subject to the copyright laws of the respective design owners’ countries and the copyright laws of the countries where the designs are downloaded. These laws protect the rights of the original creators and ensure that their works are not used without permission. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, processing, or distribution beyond the scope of copyright is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.

Obtaining Consent

To use any design files beyond the scope of personal use, you must obtain prior written consent from the concerned designer, graphic artist, or author. This includes any commercial activities or other purposes that may infringe on the copyright holder’s rights. By adhering to these guidelines, you help support the creativity and hard work of the artists behind the designs and contribute to a thriving community of creators.


In summary, TemplatesArea is a valuable resource for individuals seeking free vector, template and 3D project files for personal use. We encourage you to explore our diverse collection of designs and express your creativity. However, please respect the rights of the original creators and ensure that you obtain the necessary permissions for any commercial use or other activities that fall outside the scope of personal use. By adhering to this License Agreement, you help foster a supportive and creative community for all to enjoy.