Cutting Texture Design for Cnc Routers and Laser Cutters

Unleash your creativity with this abstract cut texture design for CNC routers and laser cutters. This DXF cutting template file is compatible with a variety of cutting machines such as CNC routers, laser cutters and plasma cutters. You can use this file to create intricate texture motifs on various materials including metal, wood, MDF, and plywood. It’s perfect for making decorative panels, grills, screens and elevations with CNCs. It’s a great way to add a unique touch to your projects. So download the free DXF cutting file now and start creating!

File Type: DXF (Drawing Exchange Format)
Category: Free DXF Files
Tag: CNC Designs, CNC Pattern, DXF Patterns
Features: CAD Drawing, Cut File, Vector File, Pattern Design
Resolution: Scalable vector type without loss of quality.
Software: AutoCAD, Adobe illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape, QCAD, Libre CAD
Uploaded by: Olivier Baril
Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Design Code: 02013-31P