Free 3D Laser Cut Files for CNC Laser Cutting

Discover a wide range of free 3D laser cut files for CNC laser cutting machines, including models, boxes, lightings, stands, toys, 3D puzzles, organizers, 3D wall art items, mockups, and decorative designs. Our designs are available in DXF, SVG, and CDR file formats, making them compatible with most laser cutting machines.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned laser cutting pro, you’re sure to find the perfect project for your next creation in our archive of free 3D laser cut files. Thanks to the adaptability of laser cutting technology, our designs can be created using a wide array of materials, such as wood, mdf, plywood, acrylic, and cardboard. This versatility not only broadens the horizon of possibilities but also ensures that your finished product will be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, making it something you’ll be proud to show off.

Here’s just a sample of the types of projects you can find in our archive:

  • Models: From cars and airplanes to animals and buildings, we have a wide variety of model designs to choose from.
  • Boxes: Our box designs are perfect for storing all sorts of items, from jewelry and accessories to office supplies and toys.
  • Lightings: Add a touch of style to your home or office with our unique lighting designs.
  • Stands: Display your favorite items in style with our stands and holders.
  • Toys: Our toy designs are perfect for kids of all ages. From puzzles and games to action figures and vehicles, we have something for everyone.
  • 3D puzzles: Our 3D puzzles are a great way to challenge your mind and create a beautiful piece of art at the same time.
  • Organizers: Keep your space tidy and organized with our storage organizers.
  • 3D wall art: Add a touch of personality to your walls with our 3D wall art designs.
  • Mockups: Our mockups are perfect for creating realistic product presentations or showcasing your design ideas.
  • Decorative designs: Add a touch of elegance to your home or office with our decorative designs.

Decorative designs: Add a touch of elegance to your home or office with our decorative designs.

Harnessing the precision of laser cutting technology, our designs enable the creation of both functional utilities and intricate decorative pieces. The efficiency and versatility of laser cutting ensures a clean finish, minimal waste, and consistent results, making it ideal for a vast array of creations.

All of our designs are available for free download. Simply browse our archive, find the design you like, and download the file format that’s compatible with your laser cutting machine.

We hope you enjoy our collection of free 3D laser cut files! If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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