Free laser cut three-tiered cupcake stand design for laser cutting.

Are you looking for a unique and decorative cupcake stand for your next event? Our free laser cut cupcake stand template is perfect for laser cutting enthusiasts seeking an elegant solution. This design is available for free download in DXF, SVG, and CDR formats, making it easy to create a stunning three-tiered stand with floral details.

About the Cupcake Stand Design

This laser cut cupcake stand is designed with nine pieces that are cut from 6mm thick sheets of wood, MDF, plywood, acrylic, or even cardboard. When assembled, the stand features three tiers adorned with intricate floral patterns. The total height of the stand is 367 mm (14.4 inches), and it has a diameter of 44 cm (17.3 inches). The design is straightforward to assemble, requiring no additional instructions.

Materials Needed

  • 6mm thick sheets (wood, MDF, plywood, acrylic, or cardboard)
  • Laser cutting machine
  • Sandpaper (optional, for finishing)

Download Your Free Templates

To create your own beautiful cupcake stand, simply download the laser cut files in your preferred format:

  • DXF File
  • SVG File
  • CDR File

These files are free to download and ready to be used with your laser cutting machine. Enhance your DIY projects and impress your guests with a stunning, custom-made cupcake stand.

Get Inspired

Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party, or any other special event, this decorative cupcake stand will add a touch of elegance to your dessert presentation. The floral details and three-tiered design make it a centerpiece that is sure to attract attention. Using our free laser cut cupcake stand template, you can easily create a beautiful and functional stand for your treats. The design files are available for download in DXF, SVG, and CDR formats, making them versatile for various laser cutting machines and materials.

Start Your Project: Free Laser Cut Cupcake Stand Templates

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create a unique and beautiful cupcake stand for your next event. Download the free laser cut files now and start your project today!

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Free laser cut template (DXF, SVG, CDR) for DIY enthusiasts.